Neighbour or invader?

Author: Dina Nath Mishra
Publication: The Pioneer
Date: February 23, 2003

No country faces the problem of illegal migrants as gigantic as India does. Over two crore Bangladeshis are residing in this country, mostly in neighbouring States. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad have lakh of Bangladeshi infiltrators living there. These infiltrators are involved in many heinous crimes. The Indian Government puts their figure at 1.5 crore. Their numbers are more than the total Afghan population. The menace has changed the demography of the entire East.
The most affected States are West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Tripura and Northeast States. The six border districts of West Bengal, viz South 24 Parganas, North 24 Parganas, Nadia, Murshidabad, Malda and West Dinajpur; four districts of Bihar, viz. Purnia, Katihar, Kishanganj and Araria; and 10 districts of Assam, viz Dhubri, Barpeta, Bongaigaon, Nalhari, Kokrajai, Lakhimpur, Darrang, Nagaon and Kamrup have become extensions of Bangladesh. If nothing is done, India will certainly face demands for another partition in the coming decades. Already, there is a demand for 'Greater Bangladesh' by a couple of Dhaka-based organisations, funded by ISI. India has 4,096 kms border with Bangladesh. On almost the entire border, there is already 5-15 kms deep strip within the Indian side totally populated by Bangladeshi Muslims.
After Pakistan's partition and creation of Bangladesh, infiltration changed into a systematic and planned demographic aggression. This resulted in a sudden dip in the Hindu population which plummeted to 8 per cent. In 1947, it was 28 per cent. Despite this, Bangladesh is the most thickly populated country in the world. It is poorer than the neighbouring Indian States.
After independence, Bangladesh emerged as a secular State under a new constitution and the leadership of its father of the nation, Sheikh Mujibur Rehman. But eventually, he became the target of Islamists and was done away with. The residual Pakistani influence was quite powerful. The word 'secular' was dropped in 1977 by General Zia-ur-Rahman. Islam had already been declared the 'State religion' in the Bangla constitution since General Ershad's time in lieu of Saudi aid for setting up mosques and madrasas in Bangladesh.
India's corrupt BSF personnel let poor Bangladeshis enter India. The booty was shared by high-ranking officers as well. Indian votebank politics facilitated these infiltrators a place in the voter's list and acquire ration cards. They had experience of pre-independence days when former President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad, in his neighbouring Assam Lok Sabha constituency, invited Bangladeshis to make his constituency a Muslim majority. They also knew that Indian media would hide the largescale Bangladeshi infiltration. It was only the BJP which was raising the issue of Bangladeshi infiltration, but the entire secular establishment either brushed it aside, or twisted it to suit the votebank politics and paint the BJP with a communal colour.
However, Bangladesh never conceded the existence of its people in India. Even its Prime Minister or Ministers visiting Delhi unabashedly denied it. In fact, a decade-long Assam agitation did not bring the Congress back to its senses.
Any effort to push back even a few hundred Bangladeshis was thwarted by the West Bengal Government. When once illegal Bangladeshis living in Mumbai were sent by train to Kolkata, the State Government did not cooperate. Many Chief Ministers opposed the proposal of multipurpose citizenship card. But gradually, the presence of a large Bangladeshi population in various States made political statements by their mere presence. BJP's campaign gathered momentum. Also, politicians and various parties realised the hidden dangers of this demographic change. Moreover, Buddhadev Bhattacharya replaced Jyoti Basu. For the first time, a change in the attitude of the political elite was seen.
In the recent Chief Minister's Conference, a general consensus on the question of Bangladeshi infiltration was reached. Now it appears that State Governments would cooperate in identifying the Bangladeshis in their respective States. BSF has started taking a tough stand to check further infiltration. A delegation of West Bengal ruling Left Front is scheduled to meet Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani to press for the Centre's intervention in resolving the problem.
Till recently, no Bangladeshi authority admitted the presence of Bangladeshis on Indian soil. But during his recent visit to India, Foreign Minister Murshed Khan conceded the Bangladeshi citizens' presence in India. Mr Advani has been adopting a reasonably tough stand on this problem. While talking to the Bangladeshi Foreign Minister, he made it clear that Bangladeshi infiltrators have no right to reside here permanently. In no country, such illegal immigration takes place.
The priorities should be expeditious border fencing, smashing immigration and smuggling rackets, weeding out corrupt BSF personnel, creating separate immigration service in charge of long-term national immigration policy, sustained diplomatic assertiveness and simultaneously increase the trade and other economic relations with Dhaka for huge bilateral economic gains.
Only Hindus can bring back the glory of Bharat
Vashim: It is a defeat of Hindus that Hindus have to unite to protect Hindu Dharma in Hindustan. It is really unfortunate that the country is ruled by such people who do not believe in imparting moral education to future generations. Our democratic government has failed and betrayed us. Now the ability to thrust aside democracy and bring back patriarchal rule is present only in Hindus. The above statements were made by Bharatacharya S. G. Shevade in a huge gathering of Hindus.

On the occasion of birth centenary year of H. Golwalkar Guruji, the gathering was organized. It was attended by many eminent leaders. Bharatacharya Shevade said that 400 temples have been constructed in USA and people visit those temples. But under the influence of evils, here, the Government is trying to shake faith of Hindus by passing Black Magic Act. There is only one religion on this earth and all others are Sects. Hindu Dharma is created by God. People going against this Dharma should be kicked out.

Other leaders present on the occasion expressed their views on the subject. It was stated that Hindus are real enemies of Hindus. They are responsible for their destruction; we should boycott purchasing from non-Hindu shops; the Sect of Sree Macchindranath will prove that miracles do happen and it is not blind faith; Hindus must unite and strongly oppose anti-Hindu activities.
'Shastrameva Jayate' should be the only policy
Gandhiji brought the policy of 'Satyameva Jayate', Indira Gandhi made it 'Shramameva Jayate'(Glory be to arms); both the policies did not work. If we want to survive now, we will have to implement the policy of 'Shastrameva Jayate', said Pujya Bandyatatya Karhadkar. He was talking in the all-Sects Hindu Dharma Rakshan meet held at Sreekshetra Alandi. Thousands of devotees present at this meet.

He further exclaimed that the Warkaris need not possess any other weapon as they already have the 'Taal' and the stick of their flag as weapons. Hindu Dharma preaches compassion. However, compassion and warding off dangers go hand in hand and are two sides of the same coin. If the Warkaris determine, they can suppress the Government. He also said that he shall urge the Government to withdraw both these Acts unconditionally.
Has Islam ever benefitted Hindus? - Pujya Baba Mahahansa
Lakhs of temples have been demolished and mosques have been built in their place, bomb explosions have occurred at the Ramajanmabhoomi, Kashi, Mumbai, all due to Islam. Islam has not been of any use to us; rather it has caused a great deal of damage, all due to the grace of the Congress. These people (Congress) are the descendents of the demons Ravana and Kansa. They must be finished. Pujya Baba was addressing the audience on the topic 'Does Islam pose a threat to Hindu Dharma?'
Hand over power to the one who has love for Hindu Dharma - H.B.P. Keshav Maharaj Ukhlikar
Do not commit the grave mistake of handing over power to foolish leaders. We ourselves have committed the folly of electing foolish leaders who are bringing into force these (Anti-Hindu) Acts. Henceforth, cast your votes and bring to power leaders who have love for Hindu Dharma. He further said that, Muslims and Christians openly exhibit their rivalry towards Hindus; but these people (anti-Hindu politicians) put up a show that they are one among us. They are dangerous from our point of view.
To tolerate injustice is injustice itself - H.B.P. Sandipaan Maharaj Shinde
H.B.P. Sandipaan Maharaj Shinde said that, we should not tolerate the injustice being inflicted on our Dharma. To tolerate injustice is tantamount to injustice itself. He further said that we should be loyal to our Nation, Dharma, Deities and Saints; all the same we should also possess the strength to face dangers that occur as a result of this.

During this session, talks were delivered by H.B.P. Rameshwar Shastri Maharaj, H.B.P. Balayogi Narayananadaji Saraswati Maharaj, H.B.P. Nivrutti Maharaj Wakte, H.B.P. Bhaskargiri Maharaj, H.B.P. Prakash Maharaj Javanjaal, H.B.P. Ramakrishnanand Saraswati Maharaj, H.B.P. Maruti Maharaj Tuntune and Shri. Virendrasingh Tawade of the HJS.
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