Why its Happen Only with Hindu? Think......

The contents of the appeal are as follows

1. Daily 6000 illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators cross into Indian territory. You feed Lakhs of such Bangladeshis; residing in Mumbai. Hindus are thrown out of Kashmir & made to live as refugees. Illegal Bangladeshis are given ration cards.
2. Temples, Ram Setu are demolished, whereas Churches & Madarssas are protected. Places Sacred to Hindus are under threat of Islamic terrorists.
3. POTA is abolished to protect minorities Quota introduced to split Hindus.
4. 2 Dalit Policemen are brutally murdered by Muslim mob in Bhiwandi the helpless government keeps mum
5. Hindu temple Trusts are taken over by Government and its earnings are used to feed non-Hindus projects. Non-Hindu places of worship are allowed to mushroom uncontrolled.
6. A Hindu is unsafe everywhere. - In Parliament, Trains, Buses, Temples, Market place and even at Home and none is bothered.
7. Terrorist Ishrat Jahan is killed in encounter; Politicians compensate her family with Lakhs of Rupees.
8. Parliament attack mastermind Afzal's death sentence is unduly postponed.
9. Terrorist Masood Azhar gets free passage to Afghanistan, Coimbatore blast mastermind - Madani is served Biriani & given Massage service in Jail, whereas Hindu religious Head Shankaracharya is arrested on Diwali day & treated as criminal.
10. Terrorist Sanjay Dutt moves freely and is compared to Mahatma Gandhi.
11. Prime Minister wishes to 'Give first claim on Resources to Muslims' There is special census for Muslim head count in Government offices. Reservation in Public, Private Sector and even in Police & Army is proposed.
12. Subsidy is given to HAJ Pilgrims whereas Service tax is imposed on Amarnath, Mansarovar pilgrims. Muslims dare to refuse - singing of Vande Mataram.
13. Terrorist organization like SIMI is given clean chit by Mulayam & Arjun.
14. Government (Banerjee Report) projects Godhra Train Carnage as an meager accident while Gujarat riots are blown out of proportion.
15. Supreme Court shows disrespect & suspicions on its own Gujarat Courts and transfers Best Bakery Trial from Gujarat to Mumbai.
16. Media continuously targets Hindus & Hindutva in a planned manner. Black Magic bill is introduced to put an end to all Hindu rituals and to term them as superstitions.
17. Some so called 171 Intellectuals like Barkha Dutt, Testa, Ashutosh Guavarikar etc, propose 'Bharat Ratna' for M.F.Hussain who dares to insulted Bharatmata & Hindu Gods & Goddesses.
18. Most Convent schools ban Kumkum, Mehandi, Bangles, Rakhi & Hindu symbols.
19. Despite Court verdict, film like Da-Vinci code (which shows cruel face of True Christianity), is banned in 8 states. Exponents of Freedom of Expression keep mum.
20. Missionaries convert poor Hindu families under the garb of convent Education & Social service.
21. Thousands of Cows - sacred to Hindus are slaughtered in Mumbai, everyone keeps mum.
Keeping Mum is Suicidal . .

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