You can save Qutub Minar & Taj Mahal, why not Ram-setu?

As per the original plans, metro railway route in Delhi was passing by Qutub Minar. But it could have caused damage to the structure and therefore, the route was changed. Taj corridor project was cancelled as it would have hampered the beauty of Taj Mahal. Route of Konkan Railway was also changed to save a 400 hundred year old church in Goa. When so much care is taken of feelings of followers of other religions, why only Hindu feelings are trampled.
The above question was raised by Adv. Aparna Ramteerthkar, a social activist. She was speaking in a youth conference held on the occasion of 'Raksha Bandhan'. She said that it might be objectionable to call 'Ram-setu' as 'Adam's Bridge'; but it shows that it has been accepted as a bridge; then why the Government should have problem in accepting the existence of 'Ram-setu'. Along with the religious sentiments even the security of the nation is at stake. Already East and West coasts are not safe. After demolition of 'Ram-setu', even foreign ships can reach the sea-coast.
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