Gandhi's Mulsim Love!

Unconditional Muslim appeasement as Gandhi's philsophy

Mohandas Gandhi's philosophy is often assumed to be pillared by 'Satya' and 'ahimsa'. But the fact is that his philosophy was not just 'Satya' and 'Ahimsa' but also unconditional muslim appeasement. Gandhi's behavior was inconsistent with Satya and Ahimsa and yet it was always consistent with the principle of muslim appeasement. Veer Savarkar called his philisophy as 'tattva - adnyaan'.
(Ref: Gandhi Confusion, by Veer Savarkar)

Blank Cheque facility to muslims

From 1919 onwards, Gandhi began giving several legally questionable and illogical promises to the muslims to become their undisputed leader ! Gandhi gave them the facility of Blank Cheques. Due to such facilities, all major Muslim leaders in Bharat became followers of Gandhi.
(Ref: Sacrifice of 55 crores, by Gopal Godse)

Trampling the faith of hundreds of Congress people for one muslim's fanaticism!

To show respect for Gandhi, congress adopted the Tiranga(Tricolor) with Charkha as its flag, which would be unfurled on every major event of the congress. This flag would be hoisted in all Twilight Rallies and even homes of Gandhiwadis would be decorated with this flag. University students hoisted this flag on the university building to demonstrate their Nationalist Sentiments. In 1946, after the great Hindu Slaughter, Gandhi was roaming around the Tippora region. This same flag was hoisted on his temporary tent. Once a muslim finding the flag unbearable took objection. Gandhi immediately ordered to take down the flag ! He did not even bother to ask other congress people.
(Ref: Sacrifice of 55 crores, by Gopal Godse)

Changing the history for love of Muslims

Gandhi felt that it was imperative to hide the fact that Muslim Rulers committed atrocities on Hindus and forcibly converted them to Islam. Hence he wrote and mentioned several unhistorical aspects about the muslims.
(Ref: Nathuram and Death Sentence, by Gopal Godse)

Islam spread by the teachings of Fakirs and not by the sword !

Hassan Nizami, a fiercely fanatical muslim leader from the North once met Gandhi. At that time, Gandhi used the following lies to appease the muslims, "I know the secret of spread of Islam. I am aware that Islam spread not due to sword but by the teachings of Fakirs and Maulavis, the sword has been used to merely protect Muslim culture!".
(Ref : Writings of Swa. Savarkar)

Ignoring the fatal outlook of muslims towards Bharat

Muslims did not seem to participate in any constructive movements and internal issues within Bharat. On being asked why it is so, Gandhi casually said, "The allegation is true indeed. Muslims believe they are the descendents of victors, they dont believe or consider Bharat as their motherland. Hence they dont participate in freedom struggle as much as Hindus do."
(Ref : The tragedy of partition by H.V. Sheshadri.)

Muslim attitudes towards Gandhi

1. Despite the fact that Gandhi did so much for the muslims, Maulana Ahmed Ali, in 1924 remarkd in Ajmer, "Despite knowing Gandhi's good character, yet from Islamic standpoint, he is far subordinate to even a characterless Muslim".

2. After Gandhi's death, Our then Ambassador to Pakistan Shri. Prakash had asked for permission from Pakistani Government to drown his ashes in Indus River. Pakistan refused to allow Gandhi's ashes to be drowned in river Indus, as it did not want its Waters to be polluted by the ashed of a "Kafir".
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