Hindu Genocide and Mass Murder in Kashmir, Destruction of Hindu Temples

Destruction of Hindu Temples, atrocities by Muslims and torture of Hindus. The exhibition showed photographs of broken idols, desecrated Temples, mangled human bodies, Kashmiri Hindus camping in refugee tents, displaced in their own land! The photographs depicted the destruction of a civilization and a culture.

Muslims conducted a brutal genocide of Hindus in Kashmir, which is a part of the so-called secular Bharat (India). Our political parties playing politics in the name of 'minority' rights have chosen to turn a blind eye to the horrible atrocities being committed on minority Hindus! Our 24/7 media has also chosen to sweep this issue under the carpet.

The photographs displayed are not by professionals, but by the victims themselves who could barely manage a rudimentary camera to document their tragedy - Panun Kashmir (Organization of Kashmiri Pandits). Every photograph was taken at great risk to their lives; they could not stay a night in one place and at times shifting from one house to other every 2 hours.
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