India again gulam by mughals?

Suppose your grand ma is towards the sunset of her life. She tells you that she only had a last wish that she go to ayodhya and pay respect at the janm sthan of Ram.

you: It is not possible grand ma?
grandma: Why is our country again became gulam of mughals? Or ayhodhya is captured by another country?
you: no no it is not like that?
grandma: is not it our own govt in the country?
you: yes yes it is.grandma: is our own govt not allowing our own people to pay respect at their holy site?
you: ya sort actully muslims broke the temple there and made masjid 500 yrs back, and the govt won't allow the temple to be built again there.
grandma: was the masjid built there for any great muslim scholor who was also born or died there?
you: no no grandma it was just done to humiliate us hindus by an old invader called babar. Grandma probably you will die with your last wish, it is not possible.

On the other hand if the grandma of a muslim brother will make a similar request that i want to go to haj before I die, govt. of india will subsidize her air ticket. Even though it is in different country she will not have an issue. She will die peacefully with her last wish fulfilled.

It is very shameful that after the sound proof of ASI and all the supporting historical proof our own govt and fellow musilms do not allow the temple to be built on one of the holiest place of hinuism. Same masjid could definitely be built elsewhere for it has no significance of the place.

While demanding equal rights and harmony they keep antagonizing majority community that is not a way of harmony. I can tell you if they agree to shift the masjid and let the temple be built, they will earn their respect and hindus will be much much more considerate towards them than what they are today.
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